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Discover our collections and let yourself be inspired. Whether for dogs, cats or other animal roommates, our ceramic food bowls should above all give joy and love


Ceramic food bowls for dogs and cats

Rio Ceramic Bowl

The ceramic food bowl RIO impresses with its pure simplicity. Subtle colors that adapt to your interior style. 


A puristic yet stylish accent for your darling's feeding station. Inspired by flowing movements, the name Rio is translated from the Portuguese for river. Every brush stroke was applied by hand

Ceramic food bowls for dogs and cats

Barbie & Ken Ceramic Bowl

Pink has long established itself as a trend color in the fashion world and in interior design.


However, the summer of 2023 will be remembered, perhaps it is due to the film adaptation of the cult doll "Barbie" or the feeding station from Paco & Friends which makes pink appear in new splendor.


Ceramic food bowls for dogs and cats

Stella Ceramic Bowl

Love is in the details. Our Stella ceramic food bowl is a real eye-catcher and impresses with its unique design.


This high-quality ceramic food bowl will accent your stylish interior and act as a visual highlight for your faithful companion, guests and yourself.

The ideal companion when travelling

Louis Travel Bowl

You know that moment when your dog is panting and looks to you for water but you realize you don’t have a bowl with you?

Or do you ever wonder how often the water bowl at your favourite restaurant is actually washed and how many other dogs have used it?

We have the solution! Discover our sustainable and waterproof travel bowl LOUIS for on the go.

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