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An interplay of colors so perfect you can't look away. Our colorful FRIDA food bowls, made of high-quality ceramic, turn every meal into a treat.


The shape is designed so that our beloved furry friends can enjoy their meal without the bowl sliding from its place. In addition, you will receive a matching cork pad for each of our high-quality ceramic bowls, suitable for every size. The cork pad serves as additional support and protects your floor.


Our high-quality ceramic food bowls for dogs and cats are handmade and painted in a traditional factory in Portugal, so there is something unique to each one. Due to this, your bowl's may deviate slightly from the ones in the pictures.


· Dishwasher safe

· Suitable for dogs, cats and other animals

· Food safety certified

· Traditionally manufactured in Portugal

· Each piece made by hand

Frida Ceramic Bowl

PriceFrom CHF34.00
Out of Stock
  • Food bowl: pottery from Portugal (stoneware)

    Cork pad: Bark of cork oak (Quercus suber) from Portugal

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