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About Us

Grüezi or Olá!

I'm Micael. I was born and raised in Switzerland with roots in portugal. As an animal lover and father of three cats, I am always looking for aesthetic and practical objects for everyday pet care.

When looking for a beautiful food bowl, I was never satisfied. I just couldn't find one that matched my decorating style. During a visit to a porcelain store in portugal, it struck me - the attention to detail, the colors and shapes, all this should also be reflected in my feeding station at home. I decided to take things into my own hands and thus Paco & Friends was born!


Loving design for animals and humans

For us, love for our pets comes first. Our aim is to offer a product that is unique and still practical for daily use.

We offer stylish designs with great attention to detail because our four-legged friends give us so much love and enrich our lives everyday - now it's our turn to give back.

We produce our food bowls in a modern studio in portugal where we support young ceramics and design entrepreneurs who are following ther passion and have dared to take the leap into self-employment.

Designer pieces in the dishwasher? No problem for our ceramic bowls!

Our high quality ceramic food bowls are not only detailed in style. We also pay attention to production to ensure that functionality is not overlooked. When the bowls are dirty, you can simply put it in the dishwasher.

Our ceramic food bowls have been tested for food safety so you can be confident you're giving your pet the best.

Whether for cats, dogs, rabbits or other house pets, with a bowl from Paco & Friends, you give joy.


Paco was our two-year-old cat, who unfortunately is now in pet heaven due to a car accident. It was a big loss for our family, neighbours and his friends that he played with in our backyard every day.

Through Paco & Friends I saw the opportunity to draw new courage from grief and to continue to honour Paco.

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