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Grüezi or Olá!

Grüezi or Olá! I'm Micael. I was born and raised in Switzerland with roots in Portugal. As an animal lover and father of three cats, I am always looking for aesthetic and practical objects for everyday pet care.


When looking for a beautiful food bowl, I was never satisfied. I just couldn't find one that matched my decorating style. During a visit to a porcelain store in Portugal, it struck me the attention to detail, the colors and shapes, all this should also be reflected in my feeding station at home.


I decided to take things into my own hands and thus Paco & Friends was born!

Now you're probably wondering why ""Paco"" & Friends?

Paco was our two-year-old cat, who unfortunately is now in cat heaven due to a car accident.


It was a big loss for our family, neighbours and his friends that he played with in our backyard every day.


Through Paco & Friends, I saw the opportunity to draw new courage from grief and to continue to honour Paco.


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